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This walkthrough will answer some common questions from Knack players.

How do I use a special move?[edit | edit source]

Special moves can be accessed through the circle button. More information on specific attacks and combos can be found at the Special Moves page.

How do I make Knack bigger?[edit | edit source]

Knack grows larger by collecting Relics that can be found after defeating certain enemies or destroyed certain objects. Objects that are bright red are typically a source of relics.

How do I control Knack?[edit | edit source]

Knack is a formidable tool against the Goblin threat. He is relatively easy to control, and can be controlled using the basic layout.

Left Stick - Move Right Stick - Dodge Triangle - Change parts, change Knack type Square - Attack/Pickup/Throw Circle - Power Up (Special Moves) X - Jump (Double tap to double jump)

How do I share gadgets?[edit | edit source]

Gadgets can be traded using the in-game context menus when first interacting with the item or in the pause menu. They can be traded with friends for other parts.