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Knack's Quest is a tile-matching mobile puzzle game designed and developed by SCE Japan Studio and published by Sony Computer Entertainment as an iOS tie-in for Knack proper. It was released on November 6th, 2013, with a future release on Android planned without an exact release date. In this title, the goal is to match three or more of the same type of "part" within the time limit, mirroring games like Dr. Mario and Candy Crush. Collecting these combined parts will allow Knack to grow bigger, gaining access to additional stages and enabling "Super Moves", granting special abilities that can clear the stage quicker.

Elements[edit | edit source]

Chapter Select[edit | edit source]

In this play mode, the player will progress through 6 chapters mirroring different levels of Knack proper, each made of 3 smaller stages (for a total stage count of 18).

Endless Mode[edit | edit source]

Endless Mode is a play mode unlocked after the player completes all 6 main chapters, and allows the player to progress through stages infinitely.

Relics[edit | edit source]

All play modes allow for the unlocking of special relics using collected points, which can then be used to unlock relics in Knack proper through the Playstation Network.